Celebration Nails Policies

The purpose of our policy is to advise you, our customer,  the services that can be expected from Celebration Nails. This will also include the procedure that can be taken when you are not satisfied with the outcome of your service. Here at Celebration Nails, we try our best to exceed your expectations, however mistakes do occur. We urge you to communicate with your nail technician before and during service. As the client, it is YOUR duty to inform us of any dissatisfaction before you leave the premises. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to leave happy! :)

Please inform us of any medical problems or allergies you have.

We reserve the right to refuse service:

  • If you have a nail condition we suspect that may be contagious
  • If you have an open/infected wound in treatment area
  • If you are extremely rude and/or disruptive

For your safety and ours, our premises are monitored with digital video surveillance at all times.



Appointments can only be made in-person or over the phone. Appointments have priority over walk-ins.

If you are running late or need to cancel your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.


We allow a 10 minute grace period for tardiness. At exactly 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be voided!

Latest available time for 2 services such as a gel manicure and pedicure combo or a pedicure and fill-in as at 5:00PM during normal hours.

Latest available time for 1 service such as a pedicure only is at 6:00PM during normal hours.

Latest times available vary during holiday hours.



Prices of our services are displayed on our website and in spa. These prices are subject to change based on service variations. A price estimate of your service total will be provided if inquired!

*Prices subject to change without notice*


Payment Methods and Gratitude

Our payment methods include cash and credit/debit cards. There is a 3% fee on ANY card usage.



If you wish to leave gratitude for your nail technician, we recommend leaving a cash tip!

Tips can be made through card also.



If you are dissatisfied with your service, please inform us before you pay. We will do our best to adjust them to your satisfaction. If you change your mind about any design or color that you picked after a service is completed, you will be charged for it. By leaving the premises, you are in agreement of satisfaction of your service. Absolutely NO cash refunds.



“Nails are jewels, not tools”

We will honor your nails for 1 week after service if it breaks or chips. After the 1 week period, charges may apply.

We will not offer any refund/credit for any breaking/lifting/infected nails depending on severity of case.

If you change your mind about any design or color that you picked after a completed service, you will be charged for it.


This does not apply to regular polish; it will not last and may chip within the next day.


Gift Certificates: Terms of Use

A gift certificate is solely your responsibility. No cash advances allowed. Must be used on our services and/or products. Lost/Stolen gift certificates will not be replaced or refunded. Gift certificates cannot be cancelled. We are not liable to redeem any gift certificate that is presented after the expiration date (1 year after original date of purchase). Gift certificates must be made in person. No online/over the phone orders.



If you have any complaints/feedback, please contact us. The coordinator will try their best to resolve any issues. Any unresolved issues will be addressed with a manager.